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Federal Credit Union

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7 Horsman Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15228

Phone: 412-344-2013

Fax: 412-344-2187


Credit Union Hours

Monday: 10:00 - 2:30

Tuesday: 11:00 - 4:00

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 10:00 - 2:30

Friday: 11:00 - 4:00

Member share and loan accounts are being verified.

Please make sure your balances are correct.

If they are not, please contact the Supervisory Committee at the following address:

Mt. Lebanon Federal Credit Union Supervisory Committee

PO Box 112

Venetia, PA 15367

Credit Card Special

Notary Service
At No Cost

Have a document that needs to be notarized? Look no further than your credit union. As a member, you offer notary public service to you for free. You'll need to bring a valid identification, such as a driver's license or other government issued identification with a photograph, to verify the identity of you being the signer along with your document. Just call or stop by and we'll be happy to assist you. Having this free service is just another way your credit union is here to serve you.

Holiday Magic Starts Here

If you're looking to put some magic in your holiday ask your credit union for a holiday loan. A holiday loan can help make the Ghost of Christmas past disappear. That's because it's easy to be tempted to use your credit cards to pay for the extra expenses associated with the holidays, only to regret it when the payments come due in January 2022. Start by setting your budget for gifts, postage or shipping, decorations, special meals, any travel or entertainment, or other expenses that you may have. Then contact the credit union to apply for a Holiday Loan. A Holiday Loan can help you celebrate the season at the same time you stick with your spending plan.


UP TO $5000.00 AT 5.5% APR FOR 24 MONTHS

UP TO $3000.00 AT 4.5% APR FOR 18 MONTHS



New, New To You, Or Time To Refinance:

See Us For Your Vehicle Loan

Our Low Rates Let You Drive Happy

Convertible or cargo van. Hybrid or hatchback. New or new to you. If you're in the market for a vehicle, make the credit union your first stop for a pre-approved loan. Financing your vehicle at the credit union will help ensure you buy the vehicle that you want, not the one the salesperson wants to sell you. Electric vehicles sparking your curiosity? Some two-thirds of Americans have an interest according to a national survey by, but concerns about the widespread availability of charging stations is a roadblock for now. So be sure you have your charging plan in place before you make the switch. Consider all of your vehicle options by doing your homework ahead of time at,, and the April annual auto buying issue of Consumer Reports. Then contact the credit union for financing. Our low rates and terms to fit your budget will help you drive happy in whatever vehicle you choose.

Loan Rates

New Autos (up to 5yr term).............2.40% apr

New Autos (6yr term)...................3.40% apr

Used Autos (up to 5yr term)............3.40% apr

Used Autos (6yr or older)..............4.15% apr

Used Autos (10 yrs or older, 4 yr term only)..5.90% apr

Home Equity Credit Line................3.75% apr

Personal Loan..........................8.90% apr

Share Loan.............................2.25% apr

New Motorcycle and Boat................2.65% apr

Used Motorcycle and Boat...............3.90% apr

Shared Drafts (Checking)

Visa Card - No Annual Fee..............8.90% apr

Current Savings Account Rates

0.00% apye 0.00% amounts under...........$99.99

0.03% apye 0.03% amounts under........$4,999.99

0.05% apye 0.05% amounts under........$9,999.99

0.15% apye 0.15% amounts under.......$19,999.99

0.25% apye 0.25% amounts over........$19,999.99

Board of Directors

David Black - President

Eileen Jacobs - Secretary

Steve Vais - Treasurer

Ryan Dunlap

Keith Korintus

Cleon Kordistos

Heather Pessy

Credit Committee

Cleon Kordistos

Lynn Proie

Susan Kordistos

Supervisory Committee

Keith Korintus - Chairman

Julie Nydes

Office Staff

Roberta Espy

Steve Vais, Manager