Spring Specials

Holiday Loan Special

$5,000.00 at 3.75% apr for 2 Years
$2,000.00 at 2.75% apr for 18 months
Begins: October 15, 2014
Ends: January 30, 2016
Home Equity Loan Special

$40,000 or more
2.75% apr for the first 3 years

Starting: July 1, 2015
Ending: December 31, 2015

Holiday Help From Your Credit Union

Is your Grinch-like budget barely covering the cost of Santa's cookies and milk this holiday season? We can help. With a Holiday Loan from the credit union, you can enjoy this most wonderful time of the year. And our low-interest rates mean you won't end up with a holiday hangover from bringing on credit cards.

Start by calculating your expenses: gifts, wrapping paper, shipping and postage, decorations, cards, holiday meals and parties and so on. Last year's bills can help remind you of what you spent. Too much? Think about ways of trimming back. For example, draw names instead of buying everyone on your list a gift or ask family members to help with meal preparation by bringing a dish to pass. Plan to ship gifts in ample time instead of paying for expedited deliveries.

With your spending plan complete, see us about a Holiday Loan. Then shop with cash. Research shows that many consumers spend less when they use cash instead of plastic. Happy holidays from all of us at the credit union. 

What's Under Your Roof?

Looking for that big time purchase but don't want to pay those traditional interest rates? Maybe it's time to find out what's "under" your roof with a low-rate Home Equity Loan from your credit union.

If you're a homeowner, you can borrow against the equity you've built up in your home for a variety of financing needs. If your house is in need, you'll have the funds to fix up your home sweet home or work on that dream room you've always wanted. Or, you can pay for that new car, college tuition, consolidate your debt, etc.

Your credit union wants you to be able to fulfill your most important wants and needs, and we can make it all possible with a Home Equity Loan. To find out more, you can visit our website, stop by, or call the credit union. We are here to answer any of your questions and happy to assist you.

Shoppers: Save With A Low-Rate Credit Card

Attention shoppers!          

  It's time to start your carts. Just make sure you're fueling your shopping trip with the right credit card in your wallet. A low-interest rate credit card from the credit union means more fun shopping. Department store or other credit cards can carry interest rates as high as 25%. That means if you are carrying a $1,000 balance and only make the minimum payment, it will take you 127 months to be rid of your debt, and you will pay $1,402 in interest. The more interest you pay, the less you have to spend on those holiday gifts and your other household expenses! Ask us about a balance transfer, too. Get in the right gear for your 2015 holiday shopping with a credit union credit card. For an application, call, visit us online, or stop by the credit union. 



Loan Rates

Current Savings Account Rates

New Autos (up to 5yr term)..1.90% apr
New Autos (6yr term)........2.90% apr
Used Autos (up to 5yr term).2.90% apr
Used Autos (6yr term).......3.99% apr
Home Equity Credit Line.....3.25% apr
Personal Loan...............8.90% apr
Share Loan..................2.25% apr
New Motorcycle and Boat.....2.90% apr
Used Motorcycle and Boat....3.90% apr
0.10 apye 0.10 amounts under......$99.99
0.20 apye 0.20 amounts under...$4,999.99
0.30 apye 0.30 amounts under...$9,999.99
0.50 apye 0.50 amounts under..$19,999.99
0.60 apye 0.60 amounts under..$19,999.99

Notary Service At No Cost 

Have a document that needs notarized? Look no fur-ther than your credit union. As a member, we offer notary public service to you for free. You'll need to bring a valid identification, such as a driver's license or other government issued identification with a photograph, to verify the identity of you being the signer along with your document. Just call or stop by and we'll be happy to assist you. Having this free service is just another way your credit union is here to serve you.