Credit Union Hours


    Visa Card Promotion

    Signature Special
    Home Improvement Loan Promotion

    May 1 Through Sept. 30, 2014
    4.5% Interest
    Up to 6 Years to Payback

    Must have proposal or receipts
    Vacation Promotion
    May 1 Through  Sept. 30, 2014

    $4,000 Vacation Special at 4.5% Interest

    Enjoy the summer somewhere you always wanted to go.
    60 Months to payback

    Loan Rates

    Current Savings Account Rates

    New Autos (up to 5yr term)..2.00% apr
    New Autos (6yr term)........3.00% apr
    Used Autos (up to 5yr term).3.00% apr
    Used Autos (6yr term).......3.99% apr
    Home Equity Credit Line.....3.75% apr
    Personal Loan...............8.90% apr
    Share Loan..................2.25% apr
    New Motorcycle and Boat.....3.00% apr
    Used Motorcycle and Boat....4.00% apr
    0.10 apye 0.10 amounts under......$99.99
    0.20 apye 0.20 amounts under...$4,999.99
    0.30 apye 0.30 amounts under...$9,999.99
    0.50 apye 0.50 amounts under..$19,999.99
    0.60 apye 0.60 amounts under..$19,999.99

    A Big Thank You

    We want to thank Jo Folino and Sandra Callahan ,for all their dedicated hard work on the Credit Union Board . They both recently resigned to pursue other interests. Your time with the Board of Directors was greatly appreciated. We want to wish you both all the best .

    Go Green !!!!!

    Don't throw away those dead single-use batteries. 
    Recycle them. 
    Go online and visit

    Plug in you zip code to find a location close to you that recycles them or a location that has a program that provides free shipping.