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    Visa Card Promotion

    4.5% APR for 5 YEARS

    Transfer your high credit card balances to your Credit Union Visa Card and receive  a full 5 years at 4.5% 

    Promotion Ends April 30, 2014

    Loan Rates

    Current Savings Account Rates

    New Autos (up to 5yr term)..2.00% apr
    New Autos (6yr term)........3.00% apr
    Used Autos (up to 5yr term).3.00% apr
    Used Autos (6yr term).......3.99% apr
    Home Equity Credit Line.....3.75% apr
    Personal Loan...............8.90% apr
    Share Loan..................2.25% apr
    New Motorcycle and Boat.....3.00% apr
    Used Motorcycle and Boat....4.00% apr
    0.10 apye 0.10 amounts under......$99.99
    0.20 apye 0.20 amounts under...$4,999.99
    0.30 apye 0.30 amounts under...$9,999.99
    0.50 apye 0.50 amounts under..$19,999.99
    0.60 apye 0.60 amounts under..$19,999.99

    A Big Thank You

    We want to thank Jo Folino and Sandra Callahan ,for all their dedicated hard work on the Credit Union Board . They both recently resigned to pursue other interests. Your time with the Board of Directors was greatly appreciated. We want to wish you both all the best .

    Credit Unions Unite For Good: A Better Way

    It's time to celebrate! October 17 is International Credit Union Day, a day set aside to recognize our history and philosophy as well as show you, our valued member/owner, our appreciation for your participation in the credit union.

    This year marks the 65th anniversary of the celebration of International Credit Union Day and this year's theme, "Credit Unions Unite For Good: A Better Way," reflects the power of cooperation that makes credit unions all over the world a force for good. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, your credit union puts the best interests of its members first, not those of stockholders. From Alabama to Zimbabwe, credit unions everywhere improve the quality of life for their members and the communities in which they live. By belonging to the credit union and using the services, you not only help yourself to competitive rates and friendly service, you help others. So join us in celebrating "A Better Way" to manage your money today and to prepare for a secure financial future.

    Thank you Members

    As the year comes to an end, your credit union wants to "Thank You" for your membership and for using your credit union to meet your financial needs!  We hope you consider taking even greater advantage of all your credit union has to offer, and we hope that we will remain your financial institution of choice for a long time to come.  So again, "Thank You" for choosing your credit union.  We look forward to continuing to serve you in the months and years ahead. We hope to see you at the members Dinner Meeting.

    Go Green !!!!!

    Don't throw away those dead single-use batteries. 
    Recycle them. 
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    Plug in you zip code to find a location close to you that recycles them or a location that has a program that provides free shipping.